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Three Pieces of Furniture Your Video-Game Room Needs

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According to researchers, some gamers spend 22 hours a week playing video games. Whether you’re a hardcore player or only play a few times a month, creating a video-game room in which you can relax and slay dragons by yourself or with friends is an excellent use of a spare room. To make the space as comfortable and supportive as possible, consider these three pieces of furniture your video-game room needs. Standing Desk If you do most of your gaming on a PC, chances are pretty good you also do a lot of sitting. Unfortunately, sitting down for long periods of time is bad for your health. It can increase your chances of developing heart disease and diabetes as well as gaining weight, and sitting for long periods can ruin your posture if your desk area isn’t ergonomically optimized. Additionally, sitting and gaming for hours on end can cause you to develop dangerous blood clots in your lower extremities. One way to combat this is to purchase a standing desk. These desks are typically taller than normal desks so you can easily access the mouse, keyboard, and monitor while standing up. This piece of furniture can help you protect your health while you game by encouraging you to move around more and allow the blood to flow more freely in your legs. You can usually find a chair or stool that’s tall enough to let you sit at a standing desk for those times when you want to take a break. However, there are also collapsible standing desks that can easily be lowered to a normal level at any time. This is a good option if you share your video-game room with other people who may have mobility issues that prevent them from standing. Recliner with Cup Holder or Snack Tray Another good addition to your video-game room is a recliner. These work best with console games with which it may be impossible to move the television up and down each time you want to stand up to play. Recliners are comfortable to sit in. More importantly, though, they help promote circulation in the legs by letting you elevate them. If you want to keep snacks and drinks close by but don’t want to invest in buying a coffee table or don’t have room for one, opt for a recliner that has a built-in cup holder or attachable snack tray. This way you can play your game comfortably without having to reach toward a table a few feet away whenever you want to power up with a sip of soda. Convertible Bed If your video-game room also doubles as a sleeping area, then you may want to invest in a bed/couch hybrid. This piece of furniture can convert from a bed to a couch and back again in a couple of ways, depending on the type you purchase. For instance, a futon couch can typically be pulled out flat whenever you’re ready to go to sleep. A daybed can be turned into a couch just by your rearranging the pillows. There are several different types of convertible beds to suit any budget, space limitation, and design aesthetic. Be certain to invest in a convertible bed that can withstand constant use, such as one made from sturdy wood or metal, especially if...

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How To Make Your New Dining Room Furniture Pop Without Making Permanent Changes

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The dining room may very well be the most important space in your home – it’s where you can sit down and enjoy the company of friends and family around a home cooked meal without any distractions, like a blaring television, to contend with. New dining room furniture ensures a safe and comfortable place for everyone to sit, but you’ll likely need to do some updates if you want your personality to speak through it. Don’t want to permanently alter the look of your dining set? Here are a few ways to add dimension and pop without making any permanent changes: Adding Layers of Cover A great way to add some depth to your dining room table is to implement layers of tablecloths and covers on top of it. Start with a large thin table cloth of solid color that almost reaches to the floor and layer it with one or more options like a: Polka-dotted canvas tablecloth Large lace doily cloth Small satin sheet Ultra thin cotton blanket Woven bamboo mat cut to fit the surface of your table Mix and match your ideas before deciding what you do and don’t want to ultimately use, as one piece of material may look bad when used on top but would offer some sophisticated flair when used as the middle of your layered design. Creating a Unique Centerpiece Instead of using a traditional candle set or vase of flowers as your table’s centerpiece, get a little personal by creating your own unique display that features your favorite things in life. Small framed self-standing photos of your family spread throughout the center of the table with tea candles mixed in for ambience offers a great conversation starter and will put a smile on the faces of your loved ones as they gather for a meal. Mini statues that depict your favorite animals, seashells from your favorite beach, and mementoes from your favorite vacations are all also great options. Consider enhancing your design by using colorful ceramic dishes, stoneware, or handmade glassware to display small pieces such as shells in. Wrapping up the Legs To create some unique accents for your dining room, dress up the legs of the table and chairs. You can dress them in “socks” by sewing custom leggings or them out of soft material and attaching elastic to the ends so they stay snug on each leg. You can also wrap them up with options including: Thick satin ribbon Thin nautical-themed rope Wallpaper Lace material Superglue will keep your chosen materials in place, although it may leave a mark if you want to pry the décor off in the future. Rubber cement holds well and is easy to take off without leaving evidence of having been there, but it may need to be reapplied on a regular basis to maintain a crisp look for your design. Infusing with Light Light can play a big role in the overall feel and ambience of your dining room. With colored bulbs, it’s possible to enhance the look and feel of your dining furniture. For example you can illuminate the centerpiece on your dining table with a comforting blue light bulb illuminating from the corner of the room. Or you can try hanging a string of white lights (like the ones used...

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How To Clean Mahogany, Oak And Black Cherry Antique Furniture

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Antique wood furniture can last for hundreds of years, if it has the proper care. Various species of wood furniture require different cleaning methods, so it’s important you use the right kind of cleaner for your antique pieces. Below you’ll learn the best way to clean mahogany, oak and black cherry antique wood furniture so it will last for many more years. Mahogany Antique furniture made from mahogany will have a deep red hue and a rough texture. Mahogany wood won’t rot and it’s resistant to termites, so it’s not uncommon for many pieces of antique mahogany furniture to still be in existence today. To keep your mahogany furniture looking its best, clean off the dust with a soft flannel cloth once a week and use beeswax to polish it twice a year. Using this type of polish will protect the wood from dirt buildup and water stains. It also keeps the wood from looking dull by adding a luster. Wipe the surface of your antique mahogany furniture with a damp cleaning cloth. With a clean cotton cloth, apply beeswax paste to the wood and rub it in along the grain using medium pressure. After polishing your furniture, let it dry for two hours or until the beeswax evaporates. If you notice any scratches in the wood, use a small paintbrush to blend iodine into the scratch until it disappears. Oak The wood from the mighty oak tree is a heavy, strong wood so it’s not unusual for it to last several decades and hold up to frequent use. This wood has a warm golden hue and an open grain. If you’ve acquired a piece of antique oak furniture, learn how you can make it last one hundred more years. Before cleaning your oak furniture, use a dusting cloth or a feather duster to remove any dust. Measure two tablespoons of gum turpentine, four tablespoons of linseed oil and mix these ingredients with one gallon of very warm water. The turpentine will cut through the grime while the linseed oil will make the wood shine. Dampen a cloth with the cleaning solution and rub the surface of the furniture until it’s clean. Apply pressure to your cloth as you’re cleaning to remove any waxy buildup on the wood. If you have any mixture left over, store it in a plastic container for later use. Black Cherry A tree that’s grown in the Eastern region of the United States, black cherry has a medium hard texture with a closed grain. The color of this wood can be light brown to reddish brown and since it’s resistant to warping, it’s always been a popular wood for furniture construction. Mix ¼ cup of oil soap to one gallon of water to use as a cleaner for your antique cherry furniture. Pour a small of amount of cleaner on a cloth and rub the cleaner on the wood in a circular motion along the grain of the wood. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution residue. Avoid spilling or pouring the mixture directly on the surface, as this will cause the wood to warp and swell. Allow the table to dry completely for at least 30 minutes before placing anything on the surface. If your black cherry furniture has scratches, use equal...

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