How To Make Your New Dining Room Furniture Pop Without Making Permanent Changes

Posted on: 29 July 2015

The dining room may very well be the most important space in your home – it's where you can sit down and enjoy the company of friends and family around a home cooked meal without any distractions, like a blaring television, to contend with. New dining room furniture ensures a safe and comfortable place for everyone to sit, but you'll likely need to do some updates if you want your personality to speak through it.

Don't want to permanently alter the look of your dining set? Here are a few ways to add dimension and pop without making any permanent changes:

Adding Layers of Cover

A great way to add some depth to your dining room table is to implement layers of tablecloths and covers on top of it. Start with a large thin table cloth of solid color that almost reaches to the floor and layer it with one or more options like a:

  • Polka-dotted canvas tablecloth
  • Large lace doily cloth
  • Small satin sheet
  • Ultra thin cotton blanket
  • Woven bamboo mat cut to fit the surface of your table

Mix and match your ideas before deciding what you do and don't want to ultimately use, as one piece of material may look bad when used on top but would offer some sophisticated flair when used as the middle of your layered design.

Creating a Unique Centerpiece

Instead of using a traditional candle set or vase of flowers as your table's centerpiece, get a little personal by creating your own unique display that features your favorite things in life. Small framed self-standing photos of your family spread throughout the center of the table with tea candles mixed in for ambience offers a great conversation starter and will put a smile on the faces of your loved ones as they gather for a meal.

Mini statues that depict your favorite animals, seashells from your favorite beach, and mementoes from your favorite vacations are all also great options. Consider enhancing your design by using colorful ceramic dishes, stoneware, or handmade glassware to display small pieces such as shells in.

Wrapping up the Legs

To create some unique accents for your dining room, dress up the legs of the table and chairs. You can dress them in "socks" by sewing custom leggings or them out of soft material and attaching elastic to the ends so they stay snug on each leg. You can also wrap them up with options including:

  • Thick satin ribbon
  • Thin nautical-themed rope
  • Wallpaper
  • Lace material

Superglue will keep your chosen materials in place, although it may leave a mark if you want to pry the décor off in the future. Rubber cement holds well and is easy to take off without leaving evidence of having been there, but it may need to be reapplied on a regular basis to maintain a crisp look for your design.

Infusing with Light

Light can play a big role in the overall feel and ambience of your dining room. With colored bulbs, it's possible to enhance the look and feel of your dining furniture. For example you can illuminate the centerpiece on your dining table with a comforting blue light bulb illuminating from the corner of the room. Or you can try hanging a string of white lights (like the ones used during Christmas) along the ceiling or the chandelier above the table to create a relaxing atmosphere and enhance your table settings during dinner time.

The colors you choose to use for these décor techniques can make a big impact on the mood of those spending time in the dining room. Raise energy levels with the help of red, infuse cheer and joy with hues of yellow, or add some drama and sophistication by way of purple shades. Visit a go to site like the one here for more information.


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