Three Fun Ways To Decorate Your Children's Bunk Beds

Posted on: 30 March 2017

Bunk beds offer a space-saving way to provide sleeping areas for your children, and with the right decorative accents, they can fit beautifully into your chosen decorating theme. Use these ideas to customize your children's bunk beds and create a fun look in their rooms.

Nautical Theme

There are many ways to create a nautical theme for your children's bunk beds. Choose sheets in dark blue and coordinating shades as a base for this look. Invest in sturdy rope, and use a hot glue gun to add it to the sides of the ladder for a decorative accent. You can also purchase nautical flags, which can be hung on the ends of the bunk bed or sewn together to create darling throw pillows. For a finishing touch, hang a life preserver on each end of the bunk bed.

Princess Theme

For a princess theme, consider hanging tulle from the four posts on the bunks, and use curtain tiebacks with rhinestones to attach them to the posts. If you are crafty, use a curtain rod and some additional tulle to create a dreamy curtain for the bottom bunk. Strips of crown molding painted white or pink can add a decorative accent as well. Create a monogram for each princess on the sides of the bunk bed using rhinestones and a hot glue gun. For bedding, opt for sheets in shades of pink and purple, and add comforters made with silky fabrics.

Cowboy Theme

To create a fun cowboy theme, head to your local craft store and look for wooden wheels with spokes. You can use wood finish or paint to customize the wheels, and then use wood glue to attach them to the bottom of the bunk bed for a decorative touch. Purchase several bandanas in blue and red and sew them into throw pillows for each bunk. Keep a few extras on hand to tie around the posts of the bed for a fun look. Use small coat hooks on either end of the bed, and use these hooks to display an assortment of cowboy hats. For bedding, consider denim comforters paired with bright red sheets.

Before you choose a theme for the children's bunk beds, head to the craft supply store to seek inspiration. You may find lots of great materials to create fun accessories for your bunk bed project. Be sure to involve the children in the shopping process, so they can help to decide how they want their new bunk beds to look. To find out more, speak with someone like Bruce The Bed King.


A Grownup Chair

When I was a little girl, my grandparents surprised me with a small wooden rocking chair. This adorable petite chair was painted pristine white. At night, I would sit in my rocking chair and read picture filled books while the adults in the family sat in their own comfortable chairs. Having a piece of furniture that perfectly accommodated my small short body made me feel like an adult. If your child struggles to climb onto the adult furniture in your home, consider purchasing him or her a child size chair. You might be amazed at how much your little one would cherish his or her own piece of furniture. On this blog, you will learn how to shop for the perfect chair for your child.