Nine Nifty Tricks To Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Posted on: 14 April 2017

If you are not sleeping as well as you wish, consider some ways that you can make your bed more comfortable. Ensure that you are getting your seven-to-nine hours of restful sleep per night with some simple strategies and suggestions.

Nine tricks to make your bed more- comfy and get a better night's sleep are:

1. Replace your mattress. Even the highest-quality mattress doesn't last forever; a brand-name, high-end mattress merits replacement when it is over 8 years old, as it simply will not support you the way it should.

2. Add a pillow-topper. For a more comfortable sleep, think about adding a pillow-topper to your existing mattress. These are found in memory foam, goose-down, and polyester, so consider how soft you want your bed to be when buying.

3. Flip it over. Every few months, go ahead and flip your mattress over. This will help even out the lumps and bumps that occur from a regular sleep cycle.

4. Enclose your bed. Another effective strategy for a good-night's rest are to enclose your bed with tulle or netting. This can prevent insects from bugging you when you are sleeping, and may also deter pets from jumping up on your bed.

5. Add another level. You might try to add a box-spring or second mattress to the frame, platform, day-bed, or futon bed. This will give it more support until you can take time to replace your mattress.

6. Make it more firm. If you think that your current sleeping arrangement is too soft, add some boards underneath to give it a new sense of firmness. This can also be helpful for individuals with back pain or strain, as it gives more support than a squishy mattress can.

7. Use aromatherapy. Create a more restful bed with a spritz of aromatherapy spray on your pillows and bedding. These typically smell like lavender, eucalyptus, and mint: all fragrances that induce sleep.

8. Set some rules. Make your bed a no-food and no-pets zone to get a better night's sleep. This ensures no crumbs or off-smells when you tuck yourself in at bedtime.

9.Get some white-noise. Drown-out distractions and noises with a white-noise machine. These are inexpensive little gadgets that recreate peaceful sounds, such as nature and weather, to help you drift-off. 

Treat yourself to a better night's sleep with these suggestions and tips. If your mattress is a few years old, consider if it is time to invest in a new one that will support your body adequately while you rest. Check out bedding, gadgets, and products that can help make your bedroom more peaceful and conducive to sleep. For more information, talk to a professional like Kettle River.


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