How To Convert Desk Drawers Into Locked Safes

Posted on: 7 June 2017

Needing a safe for money storage at work? Need to lock up the petty cash because you have someone in the office who is dipping in a little too often? Rather than buying a humongous, and very obvious, floor safe, you can convert a drawer or two in your desk to a safe. It saves money on both business furniture and office security. Here is how you can accomplish this conversion.

In Metal Desk Drawers

If you have those old school metal desks, these are really easy to convert to office safes. Pull out one of the tall and wide bottom drawers. Select one that A) slides out easily without getting stuck, and B) a drawer that already locks independently of the desk itself. Once you convert this drawer to a safe, the lock on the safe inside the drawer and the lock on the outside of the drawer will provide double security for everything you put into the safe.

Take the drawer to a custom welder and request that he/she build a safe inside the drawer. The safe should be made of steel. It should be a box shape that fits inside the drawer. The lid of the safe should open up when it is unlocked. With these given instructions, your welder will be able to design and construct the perfect safe inside the drawer. Once the welder has finished the job, reinstall the drawer in your metal desk. Test both the safe lock and the drawer's own lock. If both are functional and open with a key and/or another form of lock (e.g., coded keypad, thumbprint, padlock spin dial, etc.), you are ready to stash stuff in the safe.

In Wooden Desks

In wooden desks, you can either hire a carpenter to create a wooden safe that is lined with steel paneling, or install a prefabricated, custom steel safe. The wood and steel safe looks more handsome, even if it is never seen by anyone but you. If you want to get something really special, get a wood-paneled safe that covers the entire floor of the desk drawer. This creates a "false bottom" to the drawer while cleverly disguising the safe from prying eyes. If you install a lock on it, you can put the lock all the way to the back of the drawer so that it goes undetected from anyone who opens the drawer. Again, install a second lock on the drawer itself for double the security.

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