4 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Scratches On Your Wood Furniture

Posted on: 19 July 2017

If you own wood furniture, it is almost impossible to protect it from getting scratched. Scratches happen, even when you take the best possible care of your wood furniture, and even in high-quality pieces of furniture, such as Stickley furniture. If you have a scratch in your wood furniture, try one of the easy methods below to remove the scratch.

#1 Lemon Juice & Oil

Create your own home polish and cleaner by mixing together equal parts of lemon juice with either olive oil or vegetable oil. Both types of oil work equally well in this situation.

Put a nice amount of this lemon oil solution on a clean cloth. Then, use the cloth to rub the scratch away. To get the scratch to disappear, you are going to want to rub the cloth in the same direction of the scratch. For example, if the scratch is diagonal, rub the cloth across the scratch in a diagonal direction. If the scratch is horizontal, rub in a horizontal direction. Continue until you can no longer see the scratch.

#2 Nuts

Since most nuts have the same coloring as wood does, they can be used to hide and fill in scratches that are a little deep. You can use a variety of different types of nuts, including almonds, pecans, walnuts, and Brazilian nuts. The key is to choose a nut that is similar in color to your scratched wood furniture and to use the whole, unshelled nut.

Take the whole, unshelled nut, and rub it across the scratch in the direction of the scratch. The outer shell of the nut will fill in the crack and cause it to visibly disappear.

#3 Crayon

You can actually use crayons to hide a scratch in your wood furniture as well. Crayons are made of essentially the same material as are those wax pens you can purchase at the store to hide cracks.

If you have a crayon at home that matches the color of your wood, use it to fill in the scratch. The wax from the crayon will fill in the scratch and make it blend in. If you don't have the right color of crayon, you can pick up a wax pen from a furniture or home improvement store to achieve the same results.

#4 Shoe Polish

Finally, you can also use shoe polish to get rid of the scratch. You are going to want to choose a color of shoe polish that closely matches your furniture. You can use either paste shoe polish or liquid shoe polish. Take the polish and put it on a cotton ball, and then apply it to the scratch. It should fill in the scratch.

There are lots of ways to hide and remove scratches from your wood furniture. The trick is to find the method that allows the scratches to really blend in. 


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