Have Cats & Dogs? 3 Tips for Buying Furniture That Is Easy to Maintain With Pets

Posted on: 9 January 2018

When you adopted your first cat or dog, you likely had furniture in your home. Replacing it to better mesh with owning cats or dogs might mean replacing furniture in excellent condition. If you have waited several years and adopted more pets along the way, you may have old furniture that needs replacing. This is the perfect time to buy furniture that is easy to maintain with pets.

Check the Frame

The first detail that you will want to look at is the frame of each furniture piece. For instance, you will find a lot of furniture with wooden legs, which can work when you have pets in your home. The thing you will want to consider is that your cats or dogs may scratch the wood.

While you can refinish the furniture legs to restore them to the original condition, you may want to avoid this problem. You can do this by opting for metal furniture legs. This will keep your cats from being able to use the legs as a scratching surface.

Decide on the Cover

When you look at the covers for chairs and couches, you should choose a material that will be resistant to pet damage. This is not easy to accomplish because pets can cause wear and tear in numerous ways such as vomiting, urinating, scratching, or getting their dirty paws on the couch.

One material that can withstand most of these problems is Crypton fabric. Its resistances will prevent you from having to worry about cleaning up messes right away as they will not settle in. Also, if a cat or dog gets their dirty paws on the covers, you will not have bacteria spreading around.

Consider the Cushion

The cushion type can also play a huge role in how easy your furniture is to maintain. If you have three or four cushions on a couch, you will find that pet hair and toys get stuck in between. This may require you to constantly pick up items in these gaps and clean up with a small vacuum.

To avoid this problem, you should look for couches with straight cushions. This way, you can have a single cushion that covers the entire couch seating area. While there will still be a few gaps where hair, crumbs, and toys can get inside, there will not be as many with this cushion type.

Buying new furniture that has these qualities will help you create a pet-friendly home. Learn more about your options by visiting websites such as http://www.fickesfurniture.com.


A Grownup Chair

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