Can You Get A New Mattress After Bed Bugs?

Posted on: 10 September 2019

Your old queen mattress was infested with bed bugs and you had to get rid of it. When is it safe for you to get a new mattress? The last thing you want is to get a new mattress only for the infestation to occur again. Here's what you need to know.

You Don't Always Have to Get Rid of a Mattress

If your old mattress was infested, it's probably because it was an older mattress to begin with. Newer mattresses aren't likely to be infested so badly that you can't save them. So, even if your new mattress does get infested, you probably will be able to save it.

Some Mattresses Are Naturally Bed Bug Resistant

You can purchase mattresses that are resistant to bed bugs. These mattresses have fewer seams, so bed bugs don't have a place to hide. Ask the mattress salesman about a mattress that has fewer of these crevices. 

You Need to Get Rid of the Bed Bugs Elsewhere First

Before you get another mattress, make sure your place has been inspected. An exterminator can go through your home to check for the presence of live bugs. Once live bugs aren't around anymore, the exterminator will give you the all clear.

Consider Getting a Bed Bug Resistant Mattress Cover

A bed bug resistant mattress cover provides an additional layer of protection. These mattress covers might get bed bugs on them, but they can be disposed of if that happens. The more important thing is that they provide an impermeable barrier between the mattress and the environment.

Get Your Furniture Treated

If you have other upholstered furniture, get it treated either through poison or through heat. Furniture treatments are necessary because, otherwise, the bed bugs can burrow into the furniture and stay there for some time, making it possible for them to infest other areas of your home.

Check Your Office or School

In truth, bed bugs don't travel very well. They just entrench very thoroughly once they're in there. Still, you should make sure that the bed bugs are gone from your office and your school before starting to invest in your home. Otherwise, you could just bring them back. 

As long as you're conscientious, it isn't impossible to get rid of bed bugs. You just need to take it step by step. Make sure that you eradicate your bed bugs from your home, office, and school, and then invest in a new mattress and other upholstered furniture. 


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