Pre-Owned Office Furniture: Making Furniture Replacement Affordable

Posted on: 22 November 2019

When it comes to purchasing office furniture, it's easy to get taken aback with a bit of sticker-shock. It's not cheap buying desks, chairs, and workstations as well as all of the other equipment that your office needs to succeed. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you reduce the cost of furnishing your office space without sacrificing the appearance.

Shop Pre-Owned Office Furniture

There really is no need to go out and pay full-price for brand new furnishings for your office. There are a lot of pieces out there that have been very gently used and are in good enough condition to pass as being new. Leased office furniture and furniture that's been sold to make room for upgrades can be purchased at a reduced price. You could find your dream desk for half the price of it new.

Condition and Treat the Furniture                                                                   

Most of the time, pre-owned furniture comes looking as good as new – other times, it might need a bit of care to bring it up to your standards. You can get these worn-down pieces at a much lower price and put some time into restoring it.

Real wood furniture should be cleaned with a mixture of white vinegar and water. This mixture will remove the buildup of any cleaning products that have caused a film to form on the finish. Once you clean the other products off, you can condition the wood using a quality wood-conditioning cream. This will restore the shine of most wood furniture.

Leather and vinyl chairs can be restored as long as the material isn't torn or peeling. The best way to bring life back to leather and vinyl is to get a bottle of leather care treatment. This stuff works like magic to remove dirt as it conditions and beautifies both leather and vinyl.

If the wheels don't seem to roll smoothly, get a can of WD-40 and spray the wheels. Just make sure to lay some newspapers down so that the excess doesn't drip onto the flooring and cause stains on the carpet or slippery conditions on hard surfaces.

Resell the Old Stuff

If you're replacing the old furniture, you have the option to sell it to recoup some of the cost of replacing it. Remember, there are other business owners out there trying to make it and could benefit from buying your less-expensive, used office furniture.

Start shopping around today. You might just be surprised at how many pre-owned options you have out there and how much you can save by buying pre-owned office furniture instead of new.


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