Do You Really Need A Very Thick Mattress?

Posted on: 17 February 2020

One of the longer-standing trends in bedding is the very thick mattress, often topping 10 to 12 inches. These are meant to provide lots of support and last longer than thinner mattresses, but you should be sure of what you're buying if you look at one. Thicker mattresses can be wonderful once you're sure the mattress meets all your needs.

It's Not Necessarily Softer

Thick mattresses should be softer than thinner mattresses because of the extra padding, right? That's not always the case. A mattress that is packed with material or that has very stiff springs isn't going to be as fluffy and soft as you might hope — and that can make sitting down on the edge rather harsh on the back of your legs. It's also possible that the mattress could be too soft, leading you to have trouble sitting on the edge because the material sags too much and won't support you. It's essential that you test out mattresses in person to ensure you're getting something that you find comfortable; don't rely on simply looking online.

It Does Help With Height

The standard mattress-box spring-frame model of bed is still very popular, but several other types of bed configurations are now available, including platforms and sleigh-bed frames that place the box spring lower than a regular metal frame would. A thicker mattress makes it easier for you to get out of bed by adding some height; if you have an issue with your knees, for example, and can't easily stand up from a low bed, a thicker mattress is almost necessary. Just be aware of how all parts of the bed add up; there is such a thing as a mattress/box spring height that's too tall.

It Will Be a Lot Heavier

It may not sound so surprising that a very thick mattress is going to be heavier than a thin one, but people often don't realize just how much heavier it can be. Weight varies depending on the dimensions and the materials used in the mattress, so it's a good idea to test whether or not you can lift the mattress enough to move it around. If you can't do it yourself, and you can't do it even with a second person helping you, you may need to look at a lighter (and likely thinner) mattress. This does not mean that you have to go for a cheap, paper-thin mattress, but you do want something that you can move yourself if you have to rearrange furniture and move the bed, for example. Just keep trying different mattress types until you find one that works for you.

Thicker and thinner mattresses both have their good points, and you may find those extra inches of material are exactly what you need. You just have to check out the mattress thoroughly.


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