3 Reasons To Furnish Your Home With Vintage Movie Props

Posted on: 19 November 2020

If you're a real movie buff, then you might have already started to collect some vintage movie props. While your current collection might consist of small display pieces, you can make more of a splash by buying larger items, such as pieces of furniture, posters, artwork, and costumes.

What are the advantages of using some of these pieces to furnish your home?

1. Get More Space For Your Collection

If you don't have a lot of space to display your movie props, then you might not be able to add many more pieces to your collection. However, if you start to use the props you buy around the home as replacements for other things, then you create more space for the things you love.

For example, if you buy a couch that was used in one of your favorite movies, then you can get rid of your old couch and use this one. You can use named director's chairs around your dining table. Likewise, you can hang framed movie posters, artwork, and signed scripts on your walls.  

You can access space that you would normally fill with regular furniture and decorative pieces. You can display and use more of your props without needing extra room for them.

2. Create an Unusual Home Design

If you like a specific movie genre, then you can use your props as a design starting point for one or more rooms in your home. For example, maybe you're interested in science fiction and you collect props from movies and TV shows.

Your props could be the starting point for a very distinctive design style in your home. You can buy modern pieces of furniture that also have a "science fiction" look, and create futuristic decor that perfectly complements the props you have on display.

3. Turn Your Furniture Into an Investment

If you use movie props to partly furnish your home, then you build a future investment. Regular furniture isn't generally worth much as it gets older. However, vintage props have a specific value that is likely to grow in the future.

You can view these purchases as an investment. If you decide to sell them later, you could make more money than what you spent on them. In the meantime, you get to enjoy using and seeing them in your home.

Visit websites, stores, or auction houses that can provide more information about vintage movie props for sale.


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