• How To Make Your New Dining Room Furniture Pop Without Making Permanent Changes

    The dining room may very well be the most important space in your home – it's where you can sit down and enjoy the company of friends and family around a home cooked meal without any distractions, like a blaring television, to contend with. New dining room furniture ensures a safe and comfortable place for everyone to sit, but you'll likely need to do some updates if you want your personality to speak through it.
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  • How To Clean Mahogany, Oak And Black Cherry Antique Furniture

    Antique wood furniture can last for hundreds of years, if it has the proper care. Various species of wood furniture require different cleaning methods, so it's important you use the right kind of cleaner for your antique pieces. Below you'll learn the best way to clean mahogany, oak and black cherry antique wood furniture so it will last for many more years. Mahogany Antique furniture made from mahogany will have a deep red hue and a rough texture.
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